Our Story

A thousand year old Japanese secret…Revealed! For You!

Welcome to the wonderful world of MatchaSecrets where we eat, drink, and dream about everything green tea related. We are committed to being your number one guide in your matcha green tea journey!

As matcha lovers, our story began in Nishio Japan where we happened upon a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Our love affair with matcha was solidified from that point on. Having little credible information about the tea, its wonderful uses, and the numerous positive health benefits that come from just sipping on a cup, we took to the locals.

After talking to numerous Japanese physicians, naturopaths, herbalists, and digging into real, credible, scientific medical journals in both Japan and the US, we knew we didn’t just discover a tea, we found an elixir that we had to bring back to our friends and family.  The Japanese swear by this wondrous green dust and it is no secret why they live longer, are skinner, and generally healthier.

We realize there are many blogs out there touting the wonders of matcha like it will cure your problems in an instant. We aren’t those people.

We want you to take a journey with us. On this journey you can kick-start your weight loss, help fight cancer, enhance your beauty game and steadily and continually enrich your life.

We brought back the best. We selected qualities of matchas that have been local favourites for generations that are hand-picked from one of the best, secluded, growing regions of Japan. Our teas are 100% organic, taste amazing, and most of all, can be trusted for their authenticity.

So come on, let’s go green!

The MatchaSecrets Team.