8 Marvelous Matcha Milkshake Recipes for You

Green tea is known for its health benefits as well as for its place in traditional Japanese culture. Matcha is a form of green tea that is processed into a dry powder that can be mixed with any liquid to turn it into a delicious beverage. In a customary Japanese tea ceremony, this green powdered […]

Japan Meets France! Green Tea Madelines, Macaroons and More! Oh la la!

In japan tea is a cornerstone of cooking, culture and ritual. Now, matcha, a staple of Japan’s tea tradition, has gone international. This powdered version of green tea has been embraced by chefs around the world as a way to add intriguing flavor to all kinds of dishes along with the potent antioxidant properties of […]

Travel Tips! Matcha Spots Around the World That You Have to Hit Up

Green tea tea lovers unite! While green tea is a relatively new ingredient to many, others have found this bright-green powder in teas, food items and coffee. Even Starbucks has gotten into this trend with their green tea lattes and Frappuccinos. But what is green tea? Green tea has been on the scene for thousands […]

Green Tea Pills: What You Need to Know

I love green tea. I like having a few warm cups during the afternoon and evening hours; it contains less caffeine and has a more calming affect on me. I know there are many health benefits to it, as well, which is one of the main reasons I drink it. However, I know there are […]

What is the Japanese Tea Ceremony Anyway?

Matcha tea may be a trendy drink that constantly shows up in health blogs, diet recipes blogs,  and medical journals for it’s amazing benefits…It’s also all over Pintrest, Facebook and Instagram for it’s brilliant abililty to turn everyday foods into InstaFoodPorn..but, did you know this green wonder actually has very historical roots. In Japan, matcha is prepared in […]

A Quick Review of the Matcha Green Tea Powders found in Whole Foods

Though I buy my teas online because I feel you get a much better variety, quality, and bang for your buck, I would be remiss if I did not do a review on what you can get in Whole Foods. Sometimes you are running low, and I hate to say it, in that instance, Whole Foods […]

Oolong tea: The Long and Short of What You Need to Know

Time to learn more about Oooooloong! Though green tea and black tea are the most basic types of tea, there are actually many more delicious options. Oolong may not be a well known type of tea in the United States, but it is one of the most popular tea varieties in Asia. The name oolong […]

Mind Over Matcha: Helping you Be Cool, Calm, and Zen

There is a reason why Boosterjuice coined it’s amazing matcha smoothie, Mind over Matcha.  Dr. Oz swears it burns pounds. Rachael Ray adds it to champagne. Chefs around the world are adding it to dishes ranging from noodles to ice cream. Green tea continues to grab headlines for its long list of health benefits – […]

All About Pu-erh Tea

So, it sounds kind of funny to us Westerners…but don’t knock it until you’ve tried this heavy hitting tea! You’ll be happy you did!

DIY Matcha Green Tea Beauty Savers That You Must Try!

Many of us are familiar with how much matcha green tea can improve our health when consumed orally. Regular green tea drinkers enjoy heightened energy, better weight loss results and an overall improved sense of wellness. For many people, green tea can be the magic bullet to getting healthier. However, the benefits of green tea […]