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Make Your Own Monster! DIY Healthy Green Tea Energy Drinks

Whether you love canned commercial energy drinks or hate them, you can probably agree that they’re overpriced. Plus, nobody likes a case of the caffeine jitters when you’re up late trying to cram for test or working third shift.

While giving up Monster and Red Bull sure helps out your wallet (and your body – scroll through energy drink ingredients, and you’ll find a cornucopia of preservatives, sugars and artificial sweeteners, and more), you’ll probably want some sort of alternative. Here’s the good news, though – you can make your own healthier energy drink with green powdered tea.

If you follow pop culture news even casually, you’re probably no stranger to the “miracle drink” trend – supermodel Miranda Kerr and actress Megan Fox are still swearing by the apple cider vinegar diet, and juice cleanses keep making short-lived comebacks.

But when you get some matcha and some tea and a collection of inexpensive other ingredients, you can create your own power drink – it’ll give you sustained energy, support clearer skin, and taste better than any of the energy drink brands you’ve tried (and taste much better than straight-up apple cider vinegar Megan!)

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9 Easy Everyday Matcha Smoothies To Get You Going

A green powdered tea smoothie is a fast and delicious breakfast option or for any time of day. Sure, it’s quick and tasty, but that’s not all. Smoothies can be as creative as your imagination. Indulge yourself.

Get out your blender and your favorite cup and experience at least one of these scrumptious smoothie recipes today. Make sure you’re using a good quality green tea powder, ideally matcha, to ensure that you are reaping all of the health benefits in the process! Continue Reading

Cool Green Tea Ice Cream Recipes for One and All

The amazing health benefits of green tea is the world is once best kept secret. The tea’s antioxidants have unique properties to benefit anyone and everyone. There’s many ways to consume green tea. When you desire a sweet treat, green tea is there for you. Try these green tea ice cream recipes and satisfy your craving for dessert with less guilt. Continue Reading

Dr. Mercola’s Royal Matcha Tea Review

Dr. Mercola’s Royal Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Dr. Mercola’s Royal Matcha is a very fine quality organic brand. Many people assume that any matcha promoted and marketed with the endorsement of a well-respected health guru like Dr. Mercola must be of highest quality, and in this case, the assumption is correct. This matcha blend has its origins in Japan’s organic green tea farms, and it offers users a shimmering, fresh green taste for complete refreshment and rejuvenation. Produced and processed without a trace of any harsh or harmful chemical substances, this matcha brand is free of impurities and abundant with minerals, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. Continue Reading

Encha Organic Matcha Tea Review

Encha Organic Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Encha organic matcha green tea is produced and sold by a startup company is San Francisco with efforts focused on cultivating an all natural and organic beverage market and aesthetic organic products market across the U.S. To do this, the company partners with organic farming communities of Japan that nurture superior grade green tea plants with lush green leaves abundant with fresh, pure nutritional value. The Encha company’s founder and guiding force, Li Gong, is closely aligned with local Japanese organic farmers in the Frisco area to obtain and use only the purest elite quality green tea, making finest grade ceremonial matcha from grinding these organic green tea leaves. Encha organic matcha is carefully processed so as not to include the slightest trace of preservatives, synthetic fertilizer, pesticides or impurities, and this matcha is most definitely non-GMO as one of the top matcha brands. Flavor-enhanced by its three weeks of guaranteed shaded growing time, this tea is rich in color, antioxidants and theanine. The luxurious Encha tea taste is robust, yet totally refined with earthy green body and flavor. Continue Reading

DoMatcha Tea Review

DoMatcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Sold as both organic and non-organic varieties, this popular matcha brand is a favorite of many organic and natural health food stores and restaurants as one of the top matcha brands. Both its color and taste are bright, energetic and green and its origin is Japan, where source farms currently nurture, harvest and market this specialized natural beverage for worldwide use. Both organic and natural varieties of this matcha are grown with ultimate care, safely away from soils with harsh chemical content. No harmful, potentially toxic pesticides or fertilizers are ever used in the growth and production of this healthy beverage made from ground whole green tea leaves. Continue Reading

Festive Matcha Recipes that Usher in The Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Now that the hustle of Thanksgiving and black Friday is over, we can officially kick-start the holiday season! Starbucks is on the ball with its slew of holiday inspired recipes and concoctions and many people are interested in learning jazz up their old favorites and add a little touch of green magic to their holidays. Powdered green tea, known as matcha, is a great way to add a boost to any holiday drink or food. Below are some of the best holiday matcha recipes from around the internet:

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Pure Matcha Tea Review

Pure Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Pure Matcha in premium high ceremonial grade is grown, harvested and processed by Japanese farmers for sale globally. This fine caliber powdered matcha product is organic and is produced in smooth powder form from the ground whole leaves of carefully nurtured green tea bushes on Japanese green tea matcha farms. Only the purest natural and organic growing aids, soil and water are used to produce these organic green tea plants and leaves, and all harvesting and matcha processing routines are performed with use of eco-safe and natural substances, tools and procedures. All organic farmers and support staff on these specialized farms are carefully trained in the value and proper use of growing aids that are healthy for the tea plants and the environment. Continue Reading

Eden Matcha Tea Review

Eden Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

This popular stone ground matcha green tea is sourced directed from matcha growers in Japan and finely ground with natural stone grinders to a smooth, silky powder. Hot tea made from organic ceremonial grade Eden matcha has a pure, new-grown grassy edge to its otherwise calm, serene aroma and flavor. A sublime cup of this finest quality matcha is said to improve mental focus, composure, emotional well being and physical health. Free of fat, sodium and any unnatural or impure substances, this ceremonial matcha contains only one half the amount of caffeine that brewed coffee offers. In addition, the caffeine in Eden matcha is organic and healthy, keeping you mentally alert and active without raising your blood pressure or putting stress on your heart and circulatory system. Everything about Eden highest grade matcha is health-promoting and good for you. Continue Reading

Teavana Matcha Tea Review

Teavana Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Teavana matcha has origins in the organic tea bush farms of Japan where finest lush green tea leaves are carefully cultivated and harvested. The imperial grade matcha resulting is rich in powerful antioxidants and vital nutrients that enhance tea drinkers’ health while improving mental stability and focus. This pure matcha brand is nurtured, produced and processed for sale without the use of any harsh or unnatural substances. Each tea leaf is hand picked and examined to ensure its robust, full-grown quality in order to produce the highest degree of excellence in the final matcha product to be sold on the current organic health products market. The Teavana brand has gained an international reputation for production of superior handcrafted organic matcha. Continue Reading