Kiss Me Organics Matcha Tea Review

Kiss Me Organics Matcha Tea Review BUY THIS MATCHA TEA NOW Origins and Processing Method Kiss Me Organics is a spunky brand of matcha with its processing method  centered on Japanese farming and growing techniques.  They have an interesting story in that they started in mid 2011, which was right after the terrible earthquake and tsunami […]

Taste of Kyoto Matcha Tea Review

Taste of Kyoto Matcha Tea Review Origins and Processing Method With Japanese origins, the ground organic tea leaves that form the luxurious flavor and dimensional ambiance of Taste of Kyoto reserve organic matcha truly embody a sublime beverage of volume and vibrancy. Grown in a complete environment of purity, no harsh chemical fertilizers or pesticides […]

Aiya Matcha Tea Review

Aiya Matcha Tea Review Origins and Processing Method The Aiya Tea Company has been dedicated to creating and selling the finest varieties of matcha since 1888. Matcha from Aiya is brimming with rich, life-supporting antioxidant, vitamins and important trace minerals. Sourced directly from Japan, the powdered whole organic green tea leaves that compose this matcha are […]

Kenko Matcha Tea Review

Kenko Matcha Tea Review Origins and Processing Method Kenko superior grade ceremonial matcha made from the ground whole leaves of Japanese green tea bushes grown on a small family farm in Nishio, Japan, is nurtured and harvested for processing by experienced, skilled experts. These nutrient rich, organic tea leaves are shade cultivated and carefully picked, then […]

Oolong Vs. Green Tea: What You Need to Know

The variety of tea types that are available can be somewhat overwhelming. All teas are produced from the leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, but processing and fermentation methods create separate types of tea with distinct flavors. Different teas offer different health benefits and different tastes, so you can easily find a tea […]

Why You Need to Start Drinking Tulsi Tea

The Secrets of Tulsi…Unveiled There’s undeniable evidence that tulsi tea has improved the health of people on many levels. Studies show tulsi changes us physically, metabolically, chemically, and psychologically in a good way. One of the easiest ways to consume this therapeutic herb is by drinking tulsi tea. When Dr. Mercola did a segment on […]

Green Tea Extracts: Everything You Need To Know

Green tea is all the rage these days, but it is by no means a new trend; people have been seeping plant leaves in water for thousands of years. However, it’s popularity has grown over the last few decades as more people have learned the many benefits that green tea has to offer. With all […]

Beat the Jet Lag with an Easy, Natural Remedy: Green Tea

For frequent flyers like myself, the symptoms of jet lag are seemingly unavoidable. This temporary sleep disorder is caused by a disruption to the biological clock within the body that occurs when traveling through multiple time zones. Symptoms of jet lag can leave one feeling dehydrated, drowsy, sluggish and even sick, and it can take […]

Delicious Green Tea Cake Recipes That You’ll Love to Make

Awesome Green Tea Cakes Sometimes, you just need a treat…. Drinking green tea is good for you. Study after study has shown that green tea is rich in compounds that boost the immune system, improve memory, slow aging and lower blood pressure, among a long list of other benefits. But if sipping the green stuff […]

The Best Types of Green Teas for Weight Loss

There are those that think that the claimed weight loss benefits from consuming green tea are no more than a marketing gimmick aimed at pushing product at you…Well dear friends, as always, I like to bust out old bio degree and give you some truth, which is: green tea will not make you go from […]