9 Iced Green Tea Concotions that You’ll Love

Outside of water, tea offers the highest consumption rate of any other beverage, and green tea is among one of the more prominent varieties. Outside of being delicious both iced and hot, green tea offers a plethora of health benefits ranging from digestive aid to antioxidant. Therefore, finding ways to incorporate this wonderful, healthy staple […]

7 Green Tea Recipes: Amazingly More Than Just Weight Loss

Green tea powder is all the rage nowadays and is a staple in the Hollywood A-lister diet. From Jennifer Aniston, to Lady Gaga, Christina who hits up places like the MatchaBar Emporium, and British Royals Posh and Becks, celebs have been cutting the coffee and adding green tea to their diet to stay fit and healthy.  […]

Is Tazo Green Tea High in Quality?

I am a purist. I like loose leaf and I generally ditch the bag. I preach on about how tea needs to be hand picked and organic. I stand stand for quality and I wouldn’t steer you wrong!  A big challenge for me is I can’t always find quality in a grocery store for a decent […]

Japanese Green Teas Vs. Chinese Green Teas

Going Green with Japanese and Chinese Green Tea The last time I had a craving for a latte, I went for a Starbucks green tea drink instead. Switching to green tea is a new ambition for me in an effort to lower caffeine intake and increase the diversity of flavors in my life. Tea has […]

EGCG, Green Tea and Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

You’ll remember from my Science Backed Secrets article that EGCG is a huge deal from the disease fighting perspective…but did  you also know it’s great for weight loss!  Let’s dive into this topic a little more! If you have been on the Internet lately, chances are you have seen your favorite celebrities talking about the ‘teatox’ […]

The Beauty Secrets of Green Tea Leaves

Ever wondered why in the old days women used to have a glistening facial and body complexion? They never used chemicals to treat their faces nor did they go for professional manicures yet their skins were always smooth and gleaming. Acne was not a setback as there was always a treatment. Their hairs were strong […]

Bang! All About Gunpowder Tea

It’s always good to learn about something new. Enter – Gunpowder tea. The term “Gunpowder tea” may seem scary to say, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. A major part of the term refers to how the rolled tea leaves react to hot water when steeped or brewed. The realization of the large amount […]

Secret to Good Sex: Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea Can Increase Sex Drive Experts have long touted the benefits of green tea, and have promoted it for everything from weight loss to immune defense and fertility. Green tea is becoming quite popular, but few people are aware of the many benefits to incorporating it into your diet—and your love life. Yes, the […]

Matcha Tea 101: Country, Quality and Questions Explained

Matcha green tea has been a popular food item for years in Asian countries such as Japan and China– but it has started to pick up in popularity in the West. Matcha differs from traditional green tea in that it consists of the actual green tea leaves pulverized into a powder. According to a CBS news report, […]

Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Better for You?

If you’re looking for a simple way to get healthier, slow the aging process and prevent chronic disease, drinking green tea might be the answer. Known for antioxidant properties, green tea is a boon to young and old health enthusiasts, dieters, and naturalists. Today’s health conscious consumer is opting to forego the morning cup of […]