Kenko Matcha Tea Review

Kenko Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Kenko superior grade ceremonial matcha made from the ground whole leaves of Japanese green tea bushes grown on a small family farm in Nishio, Japan, is nurtured and harvested for processing by experienced, skilled experts. These nutrient rich, organic tea leaves are shade cultivated and carefully picked, then snap steamed in order to preserve their ultimate fresh, grassy flavor. After being stone ground, these leaves become the pure, excellent ceremonial matcha green tea that has long been used in high tea ceremonies throughout Japan and that now compose the very popular Kenko matcha brand in high demand on today’s organic health products market. This matcha is grown, harvested and processed without any trace of harsh chemical elements or other potentially harmful artificial products such as powerful commercial fertilizers or other plant growing aids.

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Color and Texture

Kenko matcha is vibrant green in color with a spring-fresh aroma of grass and the earth after a warm summer rainfall. Its full, new-grown flavor has accents of gentle sweetness with tangy edged touches of tartness. Never bitter, this fine matcha has long been a major aid to soothing meditation promoting calmness and self-control. Its textures are varied and complement one another, creating a rich, harmonious warmth and pleasant, lingering fullness of flavor.

Variety and Quality

You can easily purchase the grade of Kenko matcha that best suits your preferences and needs. For instance, if you want ultimate quality in a cup of luxurious matcha whisked in hot filtered water, you should shop for the pure organic ceremonial grade of the Kenko brand. However, if you are buying matcha for use in mixing delicious and healthy matcha shots, smoothies or other tall natural drinks composed of organic soy milk, vegetable or fruit juices, latte grade matcha will suit your needs. If you plan to bake matcha cakes and breads or add matcha to your favorite dinner entrée recipes, culinary matcha grade is the best choice. Kenko matcha of all grades is fine quality, and, of course, ceremonial grade is the ultimate level of excellence available.

Placement Among Organic and Non-Organic Brands

As a certified organic green tea matcha, the Kenko brand stands out among the top matcha brands currently available on the organic products market. The top-tier ceremonial grade competes well with other fine quality brands in the U.S. and globally. All Kenko matcha products are organic, holding higher rankings than frequently bought non-organic brands available today. In worldwide cultures that emphasize healthier diets and the value of organic foods and beverages today, Kenko matcha with its many nutrients and active antioxidants stands out strongly as a pure, superior quality matcha for ultimate enjoyment and health-enhancing benefits.

Cost Ranking and Overall Rating

Cost per gram = $1.07

Overall Score

For its lush, vibrant green hues and subtly varied textures, this top-tier matcha brand wins a rating of 5, and its rankings in the categories of origin and processing mode are also top level 5. For organic purity, it also scores a 5, while its ceremonial standing score equals 4.9. In the pricing category, Kenko brand organic matcha scores a 4.5.

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