Kiss Me Organics Matcha Tea Review

Kiss Me Organics Matcha Tea Review


Origins and Processing Method

Kiss Me Organics is a spunky brand of matcha with its processing method  centered on Japanese farming and growing techniques.  They have an interesting story in that they started in mid 2011, which was right after the terrible earthquake and tsunami that created Japan’s nuclear disaster in March of that year. Given their concern about radiation affecting products, they did not want to risk the health and safety of their customers, so they decided to use matcha from China. In October 2014, both their Culinary and Ceremonial matcha was relocated to Shizuoka, Japan.

Color and Texture

Organic matchas from Kiss Me Organics are attractive, mid-range green in color with varied, spunky textures. Smoothly ground, this matcha brand retains its original nuances and irregularities of volume and flavor, giving it a true artistic appeal and ambiance. This brand is especially liked and bought by youthful matcha enthusiasts.

Variety and Quality

When compared with other popular organic matcha brands on the consumer market today, Kiss Me Organics matcha grades are praised for their creative, natural qualities. Never overly refined, this brand of matcha has subtle surprises and can always be relied upon to retain its slightly primitive or bohemian charm. It’s good to buy in bulk and use for recipes and baking. I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend it for everyday drinking when there are some other heavy hitters in this list.

Placement Among Organic and Non-Organic Brands

Matcha grades from Kiss Me Organics rate reasonably well in comparison with other leading organic brands currently available and in popular use. Although somewhat less smooth, sleek and stylish than the very top-rated brands, this brand is unique and stands out among the colorful array of matcha brands now in demand for its creative edge and folksy fashion.

Cost Ranking and Overall Rating

Cost per gram =$0.92.

Overall Score

In the categories of origin and processing method, Kiss Me Organics gets 4.9  This matcha brand also does fairly with its colour and texture, ceremonial grade and organic standing, score 4.6 in each category. In the area of cost, it scores a 5.


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  1. You made the statement, “I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend it for everyday drinking when there are some other heavy hitters in this list.” Can you please tell us what those “other heavy hitters” are?

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