Make Matcha Great Again!

We’re taking a stand. We’ve seen way to many “alternative facts” out there…and, let’s face it, that title is way too catchy to pass up!

First things first, let’s dish out some truths.

There is no denying that we live in a world of “fake news” when it comes to healthy living. So how do you sift through the nonsense and really do what is right for your body? It’s simple; use common sense and consider your source.

Common Sense: Straight Up!

Ask yourself, why are you even bothering with matcha? If it’s for a healthy lifestyle choice, than you’re in the right place. Given its new “superfood” status, we have seen matcha turn up everywhere in every recipe. We have even published a few to appease the sugar-monster in you. But the more and more we see the matcha cookies, cheesecakes, unhealthy smoothies…you name it… the more we start trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Go back to basics and ditch the desserts. Even the supposed “healthy ones”.

STOP.  Just eat cake if you must. But don’t fool yourself either.

You will get no health benefits from cheap, low quality matcha that is found in baked goods and low grade smoothies. So what’s the point? If you’re doing it for taste that’s one thing (but face it, in a low grade you aren’t getting the real taste). Just don’t think you are getting any nutritional value from a low grade matcha enveloped in sugar. It’s like making zucchini bread, which is good for you…with a half rotting, shrivelled up zucchini. What’s the point? You might as well just save yourself the effort and the money and have a cookie. Pro tip: Don’t waste your money on matcha if you get nothing from it.

Remember the Benefits: Body

High quality matcha has large stores of a potent, powerful antioxidant called EGCG. You want this stuff because it helps fend off harmful disease, lowers the risk of cancer and helps prevent cell damage. But did you know high antioxidants are great for losing weight? That’s right! The new trend in weight management is not calorie counting – it’s counting ORAC points which represents the amount of antioxidants in foods. Look it up, and if you’re using matcha to jump start a weight loss journey then grab the highest quality stuff.

Not only does matcha helps you get lean, but why not get additional health benefits while you’re looking and feeling your best? High quality matchas can improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and regulates glucose.

Also remember that matcha is no miracle worker. If you’re trying to lose weight or improve your health in general, DRINK IT PLAIN. STRAIGHT UP ALL THE WAY!

Ingest the whole leafy goodness remembering that you’re basically have a calorie-free, detoxifying, stomach-friendly, tea. Honestly, if you’re serious about reaping the wonderfulness that is matcha, sprinkling into you baked goods will literally serve no purpose. Using a low grade that disintegrates into a smoothie won’t do much either.

Remember the Benefits: Mind

Energy and calmness? How does that work?

There is a reason why your favorite energy drinks list green tea as one of their first ingredients. It gives you the boost that you need without the jittery and downright scary after effects of the caffeine crash that you get from coffee and energy drinks. Also due to matcha’s relation to the glutamine family, it relaxes the mind and boosts concentration levels. Sipping a cup of matcha in the morning renders your mind alert while maintaining a sense of calmness. This is why the Zen buddhists used the tea during meditation.

Now that we’ve armed you with what we think is common sense rant, go check for yourself. Don’t believe everything you read. But do us a favor, use the power of Google and trust well respected scientific journals to validate everything we are saying above.  Also, without trying to sell you anything, take a look at our story and learn who we are.  We are trying to do the right thing here. Read the scientific periodicals we consulted and do your own research. Make your own judgement.

We always say, matcha isn’t going to perform overnight miracles. However, we firmly believe it will help you in more ways that one if you’re doing it the right way.

And that’s that. In this crazy world of fake news, we could all use some clarity and some calmness to help guide us through the chaos. Start with a cup of tea!

And perhaps…the current President should have a cup too. Calmness. Focus. Clarity of mind. Couldn’t hurt.  And at the very least, it would reduce the 2AM tweets.

4 thoughts on “Make Matcha Great Again!”

  1. Hi….its all so true what you sad!
    Just returned from Japan with three different grades of matcha…to learn and to compare….for me its clear: only the high grade matcha gives me a nice start into the day…with a long lasting expierience in body and mind…other grades are rarely worth the time and money….

    May you all have a great satisfaction…and start the day with your favorite high grade matcha…

    Silavie Th.

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