The Awesome Beauty Benefits of Matcha Tea Powder

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Matcha green tea powder is well recognized and praised today for its abundant and powerful health-promoting properties. I think most anyone with a true interest in pursuing a natural, green lifestyle has learned about and sampled matcha, either as a hot, freshly whisked beverage or as a major ingredient mixed into a soy latte, smoothie or tropical fruit drink. As a high-achieving student, a super-charged executive or entrepreneur, a busy mom turned home-based businesswoman or one of those active “retirees” who will never really retire, you need those treasured matcha shots of varied recipes to maintain your sanity and equilibrium each and every day. In addition, you can gain amazing beauty benefits from the very same nutritional contents of matcha that keep you healthy, happy, focused and relaxed.

Beauty Benefits and Boosts from Matcha


The same powerful nutrients and benefits of matcha tea powder in matcha that nourish, strengthen and support your physical and mental health also offer awesome beauty benefits, such as the following:


The formidable antioxidant content of matcha like polyphenols and catechins battle and control the harmful effects of UV radiation and free radicals, helping greatly in protecting the skin from sun, wind and all extremes in weather conditions. Also protecting against inflammation in the body, these antioxidants also help eliminate acne and other types of skin eruptions and roughness. The strong presence of the EGCG antioxidant in matcha slows cell degeneration to impede the aging process, promoting smooth, tight skin that retains moisture and natural, smooth color tones.


Throughout the last three to four weeks of their growing time, right before harvest, matcha (camellia sinensis) leaves are keep covered for protection from the sun. This results in greater chlorophyll production which is responsible for the vivid green color of high caliber matcha. It also makes matcha a strong detoxifying agent for the bodies of users, cleansing the body’s entire system of toxins and hazardous chemicals or other impurities, leaving the skin glowing and radiantly clean.

Natural Antibiotics

Various natural or organic substances found in matcha have powerful antibiotic action for the body’s great benefit. These ingredients include catechins, Vitamins A and C, calcium, protein, iron and potassium. As these cleansing agents clean the internal system, they purify and smooth the skin, too, eliminating any blemishes or rashes. A healthy immune system also promotes clear, well-hydrated and youthful skin with good elasticity and resilience.

Matcha Makes a Colorful and Effective Skin Mask

Natural and organic skin masks are all the rage and botanicals are big in all areas of natural-composition cosmetics and skin care. The folks at the Bustle have created two amazing sassy green cleansing facial masks which are easy to concoct at home. Here they are:

Matcha Green Tea with Dill and Lemongrass Mask

This relaxing detox and purification facial mask will do wonders to rejuvenate your skin and complexion. While a heaping tablespoon of spring green matcha green tea powder supplies the antioxidants, cleansers and detox agents, a few drops of lemongrass oil and several mashed sprigs of fresh, organic dill will heal and revitalize multiple layers of delicate face skin. The many healing properties of this mix will help reduce any scarring or imperfections in skin surface, and your entire face will feel renewed and fresh.

Matcha Green Tea Powder and Rose Water Mask

This facial mask is very soothing and uplifting for sensitive, delicate skin tissue around the eyes. It also alleviates wrinkles and may even prolong or eliminate their formation when used regularly over an extensive time period. While this facial treatment is not intended to result in an overnight makeover, you will see gradual, but steady skin improvements with continuous use. This brightly hued mask can be made with one full tablespoon of matcha green tea, a tablespoon of rose water, or less, and several drops of essential lavender oil. Whisk ingredients together briskly until you have a pleasing, easily spreadable paste to cover your face.

Aside from the many natural health benefits offered for your face by these nutrient-rich facial masks, you never need worry about tasting a bit of the mixture. If you should become overly dramatic during the process of applying your mask, covering your mouth with the luxurious, thick mix along with the rest of your face, try a taste and see what you think—you may have a bright, verdant new recipe that can double as a condiment or veggie topping to your latest vegan soy soufflé.

Cool Matcha-Inspired Beauty Products

There are numerous fab, new matcha-inspired beauty products arriving daily on the natural beauty enhancing products market, such as the following intriguing mixes:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00T9GXK44″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”matcsecr0e-20″]Erborian Perfect Morning BB Mask[/easyazon_link]


This tingling, refreshing facial mask made with plenty of matcha cleanses skin thoroughly and in depth, rejuvenating tired, sagging muscles and tissues of the face. While pulling pores tight to return the delicate facial skin layers to their natural resiliency, this mask offers the perfect combination of a bright, invigorating start to your day and a calm, relaxing ambiance to the morning’s glow. You can purchase this awesome morning mask for the reasonable cost of $30 to $35 for a month’s supply. Check out their website, Amazon, or Sephora for purchasing details.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00IK00FAW” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”matcsecr0e-20″]100 Percent Pure Matcha Green Tea Cleansing Foam[/easyazon_link]

All natural, nurturing ingredients bathe your face with soft, soothing and subtly bubbling foam to cleanse away every trace of makeup, oil and daily impurities. Two major ingredients, crushed fresh organic mint leaves and delicate Japanese honeysuckle essence renew and celebrate your face, producing a warm inward and outward radiance to last throughout your busy day and night. This delightful light, effervescent cleanser can be bought for around $35 per bottle.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B002VJSJ1A” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”matcsecr0e-20″]Pangea Organics Facial Mask[/easyazon_link]


This uplifting facial cocktail mixes matcha creatively with such super foods as goji and açaí, resulting in a shimmering skin surface and facial glow that lasts for hours. It offers smoothing of the skin layers while cleaning and stimulating skin cells for a finely textured appearance and an overall revitalized feeling. As it provides in-depth cleaning and detox, it also soothes and heals any irritations, blemishes and hydrates dry areas. This mood-enhancing facial sells for around $40 to $45 for a one-month supply.

Healthy matcha beauty madness and benefits of matcha tea powder are here to stay, leading the way to more vibrant, pure and radiant complexions. The best part of this popular natural green trend is that the choice is now yours. You can either purchase and sample a wide variety of these inspiring skin-health agents or start collecting these healthy, inspiring ingredients and create your own enchanting recipes for a pure, flawless, fine-textured, radiant face and that inner-turned-outer overall glow.

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