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9 Iced Green Tea Concotions that You’ll Love

Outside of water, tea offers the highest consumption rate of any other beverage, and green tea is among one of the more prominent varieties. Outside of being delicious both iced and hot, green tea offers a plethora of health benefits ranging from digestive aid to antioxidant. Therefore, finding ways to incorporate this wonderful, healthy staple […]

EGCG, Green Tea and Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

You’ll remember from my Science Backed Secrets article that EGCG is a huge deal from the disease fighting perspective…but did  you also know it’s great for weight loss!  Let’s dive into this topic a little more! If you have been on the Internet lately, chances are you have seen your favorite celebrities talking about the ‘teatox’ […]

9 Awesome Green Tea Cupcake Recipes that Brighten Your Day

Green tea, or matcha, is both healthy and tasty. Green tea contains antioxidants that do wonders for your  body, fights and deters illnesses, promotes calm, relaxation, and alertness. Use the magical green fairy dust to brighten up your day and what better way to do it than with a cupcake! Let’s get baking!  

The Best Green Tea Frappuccino Recipes

Green Tea Frappucino Recipes Ever since Starbucks introduced their frappuccino line of drinks in 1995, these beverages have become extremely popular. Made from a blend of base ingredients and ice, usually topped with whipped cream, one of their most popular drinks is the green tea frappuccino. Instead of being based on coffee, green tea frappuccino […]

5 of The Best Matcha Tea Meal Receipes: To Serve and Impress

Green is good! Matcha, the exquisite powdered green tea from Japan is taking the world by storm. Traditionally drunk during an elaborate Tea Ceremony based on Zen Buddhist teachings of etiquette and grace, matcha has come to have many more culinary applications. If drinking a cup of unsweetened green stuff is not for you, don’t […]

Healthy Matcha Shots Shots Shots! Everybody!

Daily Matcha Shots: Blasts of Energy for Heights of Bliss If one of your current irresistible cravings is a daily blast or three of ground gourmet green tea, you have joined the ranks of modern matcha mania. Not only is this habit madly addictive, it is also outrageously healthy, which the majority of habit-forming rituals in […]

6 Matcha Green Powdered Tea Snack Recipes You’ll Love That Incorporate into Your Diet

Matcha is that awesome green powdered tea, packed with antioxidants and other nutritional benefits that you’ve got to start incorporating into your diet today. If you’re wondering what matcha can do for you, check out the 4 Science-Backed Secrets You Never Knew About Matcha Green Tea. Just like vitamins are a part of your regular […]