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Make Matcha Great Again!

We’re taking a stand. We’ve seen way to many “alternative facts” out there…and, let’s face it, that title is way too catchy to pass up!

First things first, let’s dish out some truths.

There is no denying that we live in a world of “fake news” when it comes to healthy living. So how do you sift through the nonsense and really do what is right for your body? It’s simple; use common sense and consider your source.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

Matcha. One of the newly labelled phenomenons in “superfoods” today.

It is so popular because it has triple the amounts of antioxidants than green tea, tons of chlorophyl,  lots fiber, and it even gives you energy.

What it is & Why it’s Good for You

In simple terms, matcha is a uniquely grown form of green tea. The green tea leaves are grown in the shade for three weeks. Then, the veins and stems are removed. This process promotes the growth of the amino acid theanine. Theanine is a part of the same amino acid group as glutamine which promotes a healthy metabolism. Theanine has the ability to reduce physical and mental stress, improve cognition and when combined with caffeine, it can boost mood and mental abilities.

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Caffeine in Matcha Tea: Matcha Vs. Coffee – What You Need to Know

Caffeine can be a helpful supplement that gives you extra energy, but it can also make you jittery or promote insomnia if you have too much. Therefore, it is very important to know how much caffeine you are consuming, and most types of tea and coffee contain varying amounts of caffeine. If you regularly buy matcha or coffee and are trying to keep track of your caffeine intake, here is what you need to know about how matcha tea’s caffeine content compares to the caffeine content of coffee.

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Matcha TeaTox Craze! TeaTox the Pounds Away with these Great Recipes!

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the entire world, after water. It’s no wonder that indigenous peoples and wisdom cultures have been enjoying the incredible benefits of tea since its discovery. Beyond drinking your tea, there are many ways to reap the benefits of this miraculous plant, like taking a detoxifying green tea bath, making a DIY green tea mask for a facial boost, cooking with tea leaves or using tea leaves for aromatherapy.

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Spice Up Your Sex Life Guys: Matcha Me Baby!

Do you like drinking tea? Have you ever tried Matcha green tea? It tastes amazing and it is known for all kinds of of health benefits, but did you, know that apart from all of that, it can enhance male sex life? Who knew that if you buy matcha, you could be investing into your sexual prowess in a very big way? Does it sound too be good to true? It isn’t. Green tea sex is a very real thing and you will be happy you tried it. Whether you have been dealing with erectile problems or you simply want to have more energy in the bedroom, kitchen, or even the garden, read on!

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Where to Buy Matcha?

Good health is paramount. You’ve only got one body – treat it as best you possibly can.

Whatever we put into our bodies definitely has an impact on how we feel from day to day and can play a significant role in the promotion or prevention of diseases and illnesses. With so many fad diets and health studies changing our perceptions regularly, it’s hard to understand whether or not we are fueling ourselves with proper nutrition.

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Travel Tips! Matcha Spots Around the World That You Have to Hit Up

Green tea tea lovers unite! While green tea is a relatively new ingredient to many, others have found this bright-green powder in teas, food items and coffee. Even Starbucks has gotten into this trend with their green tea lattes and Frappuccinos.

But what is green tea?

Green tea has been on the scene for thousands of years. It first shows up in history in China. It has been used for a variety of ailments, ranging from depression to sleepiness. Most people use green tea as a stimulant, in place of coffee.

Lately restaurants have been popping up all over the world that feature green tea in more than just frothy beverages. Green tea is now being used in food recipes, baked goods and even cocktails.

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Green Tea Pills: What You Need to Know

I love green tea. I like having a few warm cups during the afternoon and evening hours; it contains less caffeine and has a more calming affect on me. I know there are many health benefits to it, as well, which is one of the main reasons I drink it. However, I know there are many people out there that do not like the taste of green tea, or any tea for that matter. For these people, there are other options for getting the same health benefits, without having to force down a drink. Green tea supplements are gaining popularity, and there are a few types, from green tea pills to green powdered tea extract, which can be used easily.

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What is the Japanese Tea Ceremony Anyway?

Matcha tea may be a trendy drink that constantly shows up in health blogs, diet recipes blogs,  and medical journals for it’s amazing benefits…It’s also all over Pintrest, Facebook and Instagram for it’s brilliant abililty to turn everyday foods into InstaFoodPorn..but, did you know this green wonder actually has very historical roots. In Japan, matcha is prepared in an elaborate, traditional ceremony, which is called “The Way of Tea.” The ancient Japanese tea ceremony is a way to enjoy the art of tea and honor ancient cultural traditions.

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Mind Over Matcha: Helping you Be Cool, Calm, and Zen

There is a reason why Boosterjuice coined it’s amazing matcha smoothie, Mind over Matcha

Dr. Oz swears it burns pounds. Rachael Ray adds it to champagne. Chefs around the world are adding it to dishes ranging from noodles to ice cream. Green tea continues to grab headlines for its long list of health benefits – and matcha, its powdered form, is stealing the spotlight from the traditional brew for its ability to magnify those benefits tenfold.

Green tea has gone mainstream for its well-documented supply of antioxidants and catechins – powerful phytochemicals that reduce oxidation, calm stress and shore up the immune systems’ ability to fight a wide range of health conditions including cancer and diabetes. Green tea is less processed than black tea, which means it contains a heftier dose of these healthy ingredients, which is why nutritionists recommend drinking two or three cups a day.

But brewing tea leaves in hot water means that the only phytochemicals available are those that seep into the water from the soaking leaves. The bulk of green tea’s key nutrients remain in the leaves themselves, which are usually thrown away. Matcha salvages those nutrients and ramps up the healing powers of green tea by making them all directly available – even in a variety of foods.

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