How Green Tea Matcha Powder Helped My Friend’s Battle With Cancer

I mentioned to a friend that I was starting a website about the benefits of green tea, and my brave and courageous friend decided to share her story. Thanks E! 🙂


“After being diagnosed with cancer in the form of a small tumor growing in the back of my throat, the first thing I did, after getting advice and instructions from my doctors, was to visit my trusted friends at my favorite neighborhood health supplements store. Although small, this store was well-stocked with an amazing variety of natural and organic herbs, vitamins, minerals and other empowering supplements. I was still numb from learning of my illness. Yet, my strong confidence in the pure, healing properties of green products and holistic treatments combined with the encouraging, supportive attitudes of both my medical practitioners and my natural supplements experts bolstered my spirits. Their reassurance kept me in a calm, positive mode of thought and action. Fortunately, my M.D.s approved of using organic products in combination with their prescribed treatments and therapies, so there was no conflict of interest or intellect to overcome in that respect.

Cancer-Fighting Properties of Green Tea Matcha Powder


I know some of the benefits of matcha from tea breaks at Starbucks and my own experiments with matcha tea, mixing colorful, health-promoting matcha shots and adding this powerful vibrant green powder to many of my favorite recipes. However, my green-power pals at the natural supplements store elaborated in great detail about the successful cancer-battling components of matcha along with its many other health benefits. I learned that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) credits the catechins found in matcha (EGCG and EGC as well as ECG and EC) with having the capacity to actually aid in preventing cancer in the body. Of course, this finding has long been accepted and endorsed by natural health practitioners and organic supplements experts for many years.

As health-enhancing natural chemicals in green tea matcha powder, EGCG and ECG are strong in their free radical search and destroy missions. Clinical research has shown them to guard cellular tissues against free radical damage to DNA. Growth of tumor cells has also been proven as stymied by tea polyphenols, which can actually initiate apoptosis, or destruction of harmful cancer cells, during both laboratory studies and animal testing. These formidable catechins in matcha stimulate detox activity of enzymes like quinone reductase and S-transferase. These very valuable enzymes are known for their abilities to prevent development of tumors. Research has also revealed that catechins found in green tea matcha guard the body from harm by UV (ultraviolet) B radiation while empowering functionality of the immune system.

Green Tea Matcha vs. Invasive Malignant Cells


After visiting with my friendly and totally supportive friends at the health supplements shop, I went home feeling encouraged and determined to bombard the tumor in my throat with as large an arsenal of antioxidants and other phytonutrients with as much powerful anti-inflammatory properties as possible. Although the EGCG3 content in matcha is known to be 25 to 100 times more successful at fighting cancer cells than large doses of both Vitamins E and C, I decided to start a daily regiment of all three plus any other recommended organic supplements containing substantial amounts of antioxidants. It fascinated me that the catechins in green tea matcha powder, and especially EGCG, can actually downgrade the effectiveness of proteins connected with the invasive activity of cancer cells in the body. I started visualizing these antioxidants winning successive victories in my throat as they clobbered the devious and harmful proteins before they got the chance to sneak surreptitiously into unsuspecting neighboring cells in my throat, neck and mouth.

My next strategy of bodily defense against further free radical invasion was to ingest as much matcha green tea as humanly possible. From matcha, ginger root and coconut shots to steaming cups of spring green tea matcha to citrus, blueberry and matcha smoothies and pineapple-apricot-matcha spritzers, I consumed matcha beverages morning, noon, afternoon and night. Fortunately, my oncologist and therapy team all encouraged use of natural and organic products along with prescribed medical treatments. In fact, they recommended use of natural supplements to help in boosting my immune system activity and general state of health while being treated medically. My medical nutritionist even spoke with my green pal experts to help coordinate my intake of organic substances in conjunction with prescribed treatment techniques.


Treatment Plan for My Throat Tumor


Treatment of my malignant throat tumor involved integrative oncology treatment, including diagnostic imaging, genomic tumor assessment (evaluation on a genetic basis), tumor molecular profiling and compatible chemotherapy, and finally, surgery to remove the tumor. I felt very blessed that, with all the expert assessment, treatment and care I received from my team of experts, my tumor did not attain significant growth after detection or enable cancerous cells to spread to other areas of my body.

Due to the knowledge and advice of my medical team, nutritionists, therapists and holistic supplements experts, my body absorbed sufficient amounts of health-enhancing nutrients while under treatment for cancer to prevent significant depletion of the body’s natural energizing and supportive chemicals and inherent nutrient content. Although taking natural supplements that are high in antioxidant content during chemotherapy is not recommended, there is no current research evidence to discourage patients from consuming whole foods and drinks that contain high levels of antioxidants. My blood counts maintained a healthy balance, and my vital organs and signs retained activity levels within acceptable to normal range throughout treatment, surgery and my gradual return to my usual lifestyle and activities.

Green Tea Matcha’s Direct Role in My Treatment


By aiding the inhibition of tumor cell invasion, tumor development and metastasis, matcha’s powerful antioxidants were major players in my successful cancer treatment and return to a healthy life. With its unique combination and high percentages of polyphenolic compounds, active catechins and especially EGCG, matcha is proving again and again to be an incorrigible, holistic treatment and combatant in the fight against free radical damage in the body leading to development of cancerous cells and other serious illnesses and disorders.

Since the study and usage of natural substances throughout history for treatment of human disease and ailments led to the development of medications and western medical treatments, it seems only natural that medical and holistic remedies and treatment solutions should be combined in contemporary societies. I, for one, am extremely grateful to the natural and organic supplements researchers, holistic nutritionists, natural health practitioners and to the many modern medical doctors who embrace and encourage use of natural supplements in combination with prescribed medical treatment plans to rid our bodies of cancer today.”

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2 thoughts on “How Green Tea Matcha Powder Helped My Friend’s Battle With Cancer”

  1. Samantha Nicole Martinez

    I know this is a few years old but I have to ask who your doctors or where about you live? It’s shocking to me, practically unheard of that a doctor would even mention the idea of using natural therapies. I wish more would do the same.

  2. I used Matcha Ceremonial Green tea while taking Chemo. I had stage 3 cancer. Treatment plan
    Chemo, Surgery and radiation. I took on my own Matcha tea. with 11 other supplements. I was not sick during the treatment. I drove 100 miles for my treatment with clear thinking. So Matcha Tea not only helps kills cancer stem cells but it also stopps Nephropathy and chemo brain. The cancer had spread to lymphs and they are wondering why they do not see any active cancer in any part of my body. I will continue to drink Matcha tea and take Zyflamend for the rest of my life. Also do what my new oncologist suggest.

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