The Beauty Secrets of Green Tea Leaves

Ever wondered why in the old days women used to have a glistening facial and body complexion? They never used chemicals to treat their faces nor did they go for professional manicures yet their skins were always smooth and gleaming. Acne was not a setback as there was always a treatment. Their hairs were strong and sparkly.

Well, all this is because green tea leaves were the top secret in maintaining their good looks. The antioxidant properties contained in this type of tea makes it a good remedy for the body’s well-being both internally and externally. Whether you use it as a cleanser or facial mask, you’ll discover the hidden benefits of green tea. The following are some of the wonders that the tea can do for you.

1. Straightening Hair

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The daily exposure of the hair to environmental pollutants like hair products, sun rays, and excessive heat makes it prone to damage as it gets weak. This can lead to hair loss. To reverse this negative process, you’ll just need to rinse your hair in a solution of green tea and water. To proceed with the rinse, you’ll need about four tea bags or more depending on the volume of your hair. Boil the tea for thirty minutes. Perform the normal washing and conditioning of your hair. Use the cooled tea water to completely rinse the hair.

2. Anti-dandruff

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Green tea leaves, when occasionally applied on the hair scalp, inhibits the production of dandruff. It’s also useful in averting itchiness of the scalp as I discovered. The technique of applying is almost similar to the one of rinsing the hair. The only difference is that you should focus more on the scalp, massage it thoroughly with the tea water to ensure it’s properly absorbed in the scalp.

3. Reducing Eye Puffiness

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The bulky shady circles under the eyes can be eliminated by the use of this tea. Place a chilled tea bag under your eyes while lying down and wait for ten minutes. Not only will that area lighten up but also the wrinkles located there will be less visible. Another method is boiling tea bags to form a solution. Next, refrigerate the water. Take a ball of cotton and dip it until soaked. Place on the eyes in the same manner.

4. Body Exfoliation

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The skin’s pores may be clogged due to oil, sweat, dead skin and dirt that have accumulated there. The tea acts as a good exfoliate to extract the impurities. This is a good natural alternative as it possesses no harm to your skin. The presence of anti-inflammatory characteristics also contributes in fighting blemishes and stretch marks. To make the scrub, add honey to the ground leaves and mix into paste. Rub the paste on your body and face while avoiding the surrounding of the eyes. Let the paste settle for ten minutes. Rinse with warm water. The old skin will be swept away revealing a new youthful skin.

5. Enhancing the Tone of the Face

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When your face is dull, or there are uneven discolorations on the skin, a green tea beauty remedy comes in handy. Small cuts and bruises found on the skin can also be removed through the antiseptic properties of green tea. To start, make a solution similar to the one for rinsing hair. Use dipped cotton balls or a soft sponge to sprinkle the water on the face. Repeat this two times daily preferably before you sleep and at dawn.

6. A Facial Mask for Detoxification

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The damage caused on your skin by the harmful sun rays can be irritating and painful. The tea aids in rejuvenating and reviving the skin after a hot day under the sun. Make the mask by mixing three spoons of milk cream or yogurt with one spoon of tea solution. Rub the solution on the face. Lie down and wait for half an hour before rinsing. You’ll notice the sunspots have faded. Repeat the procedure as much as required to get desired results.

7. Healthy Way to Lose Weight

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Instead of consuming chemicals to cut down weight, make use of the green tea magic. Is your big belly making you look ugly? Well, mine was before I tried the tea and was completely amazed. No wonder many famous celebrities and models like Beyonce, Tyra Banks, and Naomi Campbell always include a bottle of green tea in their diets to maintain their attractive shapes. The tea is naturally diuretic which makes it useful for removing toxins from the body. It also gets rid of cholesterol and burns the fat that accumulates around the stomach leaving you flat.

8. Get Rid of Halitosis

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The bad breath that comes from your mouth is caused by bacteria. The anti-bacterial properties found in the tea will help eradicate the problem of bad breath. Swish your mouth with the solution after every meal to freshen your breath. Make a habit of doing this daily to enjoy fully this awesome green tea beauty therapy.

Having green tea in the house should be a part of the lifestyle of any woman who’s conscious of self-image. With this tea, you have fulfilled all your beauty missions starting from the internal body to the external aspects of the skin and hair. It’s high time you switched from consuming black tea to green tea.

Is the consumption of green tea leaves a part of your beauty regiment? Let us know in the comment section below.

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