Matcha Green Tea Powders found in Whole Foods

Though buying teas online is a better option because you get a much better variety, quality and bang for your buck, we would remiss if we did not do a review of Matcha green tea’s that you could get in Whole Foods. Sometimes you’re running low, and running to the local Whole Foods may be a faster option. Just be prepared to spend a little more cash than usual.

If you aren’t in a pinch situation or can wait for Amazon’s same day delivery, then we suggest you take a look at the Best Matcha Powder’s reviews.

Here are some of the Matcha tea’s that you can find at Whole Foods. These products are just some of the many types of Matcha green tea powder Whole Foods. Different stores may have different specialty items at certain times. Regardless of what particular Whole Foods store you shop at, you should be able to find some delicious Matcha powders that will suit whatever your needs may be.


DoMatcha is one of the most popular brands of Matcha that Whole Foods carries. They have a wide range of products, from small packets to high quality, ceremonial Matcha. We particularly like the travel friendly Matcha packets they sell. You can easily dump one of the little packets into a water bottle at work, shake it together and enjoy a tasty energy drink. In addition to their “on-the-go” Matcha, DoMatcha has many different types of Matcha that can be used in tea ceremonies or enjoyed at a more leisurely pace. Their organic ceremonial Matcha powder is actually certified by the Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association and is made from the highest quality of leaves. The Matcha produced by DoMatcha always tastes fresh, bright and strong. Altogether, DoMatcha tends to produce a very nice and reliable product.

The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea is a brand sold at Whole Foods that mostly specializes in other types of tea. However, they do sell a few types of matcha. Republic of Tea’s matcha powder has a smooth, grassy flavor, but it can be slightly thin. Their matcha powder is sold both in tins and in tea bags, which are convenient even though they are not used to make normal matcha. The Republic of Tea also has a rather unique and interesting product called Matchia. Matchia is a blend of matcha powder and chia seeds. This blend provides a lot of beneficial fibers, proteins, and nutrients, and it is quite good when mixed into smoothies.

Tao of Tea

Tao of Tea is known for their specialty tea blends from Japan and China. Typically, their Liquid Jade Matcha is the only matcha powder from this brand that is sold at Whole Foods. I like that the matcha is organic, and it tends to have a rich, buttery taste. The matcha from Tao of Tea also seems to be a little sweeter than other matcha brands.Though Tao of Tea does not sell a huge variety of matcha powders, this one is still a delicious choice for a basic cup of matcha.

Ito En

A relatively new product is the Ito En Matcha Love teas. These organic drinks are already made, flavored matcha drinks. Though they are not traditional matcha, the Ito En teas still provide all of the health benefits of matcha powder, and they come in three tasty flavors: vanilla, traditional, and ginger. In addition to the tea drinks, Ito En also produces regular matcha powder, which has a nice, smooth texture.


Maeda-En is a quite affordable matcha powder at Whole Foods. The Maeda-En Shiki matcha is actually one of the cheapest matcha powders I have found that still tastes good, but it can be difficult to dissolve into hot water. While I do not often buy Maeda-En, I do appreciate that they create a culinary matcha. This green powdered tea is extremely inexpensive, since it is made from inferior matcha. However, it tastes very nice when it is mixed into cooking recipes, such as green tea cupcakes, and it adds a bright, strong matcha flavor to whatever you cook. Like DoMatcha, Maeda-En also sells a ceremonial version that has a superior taste and texture. Maeda-En’s ceremonial matcha has a very strong, yet pleasant flavor.

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