10 of the Best Matcha Teas to Buy Online

Matcha is a delicious variety of green tea that comes in the form of a fine powder. This powder is whisked directly into hot water, and makes a delicious hot beverage. Matcha is famous not only because of its place in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, but also because of its numerous health benefits, including energy, heart health, lowered cholesterol, that all come from the powerful antioxidants contained within the tea. Matcha is a great option for health-conscious people looking for an energy booster or a hot drink on a cold day.

Matcha not only has a lot of health benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on, but it’s also surprisingly versatile. Matcha has made its way out of the traditional Japanese tea room and into the modern West. Matcha can be drunk hot, iced, sweetened, or unsweetened. It can be added to other beverages; vanilla matcha lattes are a popular choice. You can add matcha powder to all sorts of recipes, from main courses to desserts. Matcha does things that other teas can’t.

Matcha isn’t as well-known as it deserves to be, so if you’re looking for the best matcha tea to buy, you might have trouble finding it in traditional grocery stores. Instead, you can buy high-quality matcha online from reputable tea companies, all from the comfort of your own home. Here’s our selection of the best matcha tea to buy online.

1. MatchaSecrets Matcha

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Our very own blend of Certified Japanese & USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea.  All of our tea leaves are of exceedingly high quality, hand-picked by Japanese growers that have a passion for tea, and then ground into a lustrous powder using granite stone.

We source our products from a region that produces some of the finest teas in Japan—the famous Nishio, Aichi Prefecture. Nishio, a 1200 year old tea cultivating region, has the ideal climate for matcha production because it is tucked away from urban areas so their lush green fields, fertile soils, clear blue waters are beautifully preserved.

All of our products are USDA & JAS organic certified and qualified to be sold all over the globe.

2. Aiya Matcha

Aiya is a specialty matcha seller that provides excellent matcha for both consumers and wholesalers. Aiya is a worldwide company with headquarters in America, Asia, and Europe. In addition to matcha, Aiya also provides other loose leaf teas as well as tea bowls and other accessories to complete your exquisite matcha experience.


3. Matcha Love

Matcha Love is a great brand of matcha green tea for beginners and connoisseurs alike. This brand is owned by the company Ito En, which was founded in 2001 and is an environmentally aware institution. You can get several different varieties of matcha powder, as well as pre-prepared tea drinks. Matcha Love even sells a great culinary matcha powder, specially designed to add to recipes both sweet and savory. Matcha Love has three different retail locations in the United States, but if you don’t live near any of them, you can always order online and have amazing matcha tea delivered right to your doorstep.

4. AOI Matcha

Aoi Matcha is an online shop specializing in matcha green tea powder. Several different grades and origins are available, so there’s sure to be something to appeal to every refined palate. Aoi Matcha grows, harvests, and processes the tea itself, so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality, fresh and authentic product. Aoi Matcha is a great option for getting matcha, matcha utensils, and books about the Japanese tea ceremony. Aoi Matcha provides shipping to any location in the world.

5. Matcha Natural

Matcha Natural is an online seller of great matcha tea powder. On this site, there are offered a wide variety of matcha package sizes to suit every need and budget. Whisks are also available, to ensure you have an authentic green tea experience. Matcha Natural also provides storage containers for your matcha, as well as combination deals. This company has 24-hour customer service to help you with your matcha needs. Don’t hesitate to delve into the rich benefits of matcha tea!

6. Koyu Matcha

Koyu Matcha is a specialty matcha company dedicated to bringing the sensational benefits of matcha to the western world. Koyu offers high-quality matcha powder, bowls, pots, whisks, gift sets, and much more. Based in Ireland, Koyu Matcha is a great option for those who live in Europe and want to try the benefits and great taste of matcha green tea.

7. The Republic of Tea

The Republic Of Tea is a socially responsible company dedicated to implementing worldwide changes. This company donates to a wide variety of charities and research foundations, meaning that you can be completely certain that your money is well spent. The Republic Of Tea offers a very wide variety of all types of teas. However, we think you’ll particularly enjoy their matcha selection. In addition to premium-quality matcha powder, here you can get concentrated matcha liquid, gift sets, combination teas, bowls, frothers, tea subscriptions and much more. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of exquisite quality, wide variety, and global responsibility, The Republic Of Tea is a superb choice for purchasing matcha green tea and related accessories.

8. KeyMatcha

KeyMatcha is a worldwide company that offers several different varities of Matcha to suit your desires. Frequent matcha drinkers will absolutely love their rewards program where they can earn points that go toward their next purchase. Matcha accessories and loose green tea are also available at KeyMatcha.

9. iGourmet Matcha

iGourmet is an online premium food shop specializing in superb fine foods, beverages, ingredients and utensils, among which is included their gourmet matcha powder. iGourmet also offers matcha-making accessories such as whisks. See the difference a high-quality matcha tea will make by trying out iGourmet. For something a little different, try the Organic Jasmine Green Matcha.

10. Vitalife

Vitalife is a retail company that offers a wide variety of high-quality natural products, including matcha. Vitalife is based in England, but also ships internationally. This shop offers matcha in several different grades, along with other matcha-based drink mixes and cookbooks. Try something new by ordering fine matcha tea powder from Vitalife.

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of the holistic health benefits that matcha offers! Benefit your body, mind, and spirit through the wonders of a high-quality matcha green tea powder.

Have you tried any of these?  What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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