Make Your Own Monster! DIY Healthy Green Tea Energy Drinks

Whether you love canned commercial energy drinks or hate them, you can probably agree that they’re overpriced. Plus, nobody likes a case of the caffeine jitters when you’re up late trying to cram for test or working third shift. While giving up Monster and Red Bull sure helps out your wallet (and your body – […]

Best Matcha Tea Reviews: My 10 Ranked & Reviewed

After several requests of what I thought were the best matcha tea brands out there to purchase, I put together a list of the top 10 after conducting a thorough review of them all. Below is my top 10 best matcha tea reviews.

Green Tea Extracts: Everything You Need To Know

Green tea is all the rage these days, but it is by no means a new trend; people have been seeping plant leaves in water for thousands of years. However, it’s popularity has grown over the last few decades as more people have learned the many benefits that green tea has to offer. With all […]

Beat the Jet Lag with an Easy, Natural Remedy: Green Tea

For frequent flyers like myself, the symptoms of jet lag are seemingly unavoidable. This temporary sleep disorder is caused by a disruption to the biological clock within the body that occurs when traveling through multiple time zones. Symptoms of jet lag can leave one feeling dehydrated, drowsy, sluggish and even sick, and it can take […]

Delicious Green Tea Cake Recipes That You’ll Love to Make

Awesome Green Tea Cakes Sometimes, you just need a treat…. Drinking green tea is good for you. Study after study has shown that green tea is rich in compounds that boost the immune system, improve memory, slow aging and lower blood pressure, among a long list of other benefits. But if sipping the green stuff […]

Is Tazo Green Tea High in Quality?

I am a purist. I like loose leaf and I generally ditch the bag. I preach on about how tea needs to be hand picked and organic. I stand stand for quality and I wouldn’t steer you wrong!  A big challenge for me is I can’t always find quality in a grocery store for a decent […]

Japanese Green Teas Vs. Chinese Green Teas

Going Green with Japanese and Chinese Green Tea The last time I had a craving for a latte, I went for a Starbucks green tea drink instead. Switching to green tea is a new ambition for me in an effort to lower caffeine intake and increase the diversity of flavors in my life. Tea has […]

EGCG, Green Tea and Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

You’ll remember from my Science Backed Secrets article that EGCG is a huge deal from the disease fighting perspective…but did  you also know it’s great for weight loss!  Let’s dive into this topic a little more! If you have been on the Internet lately, chances are you have seen your favorite celebrities talking about the ‘teatox’ […]

The Beauty Secrets of Green Tea Leaves

Ever wondered why in the old days women used to have a glistening facial and body complexion? They never used chemicals to treat their faces nor did they go for professional manicures yet their skins were always smooth and gleaming. Acne was not a setback as there was always a treatment. Their hairs were strong […]

Secret to Good Sex: Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea Can Increase Sex Drive Experts have long touted the benefits of green tea, and have promoted it for everything from weight loss to immune defense and fertility. Green tea is becoming quite popular, but few people are aware of the many benefits to incorporating it into your diet—and your love life. Yes, the […]