DoMatcha Tea Review

DoMatcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Sold as both organic and non-organic varieties, this popular matcha brand is a favorite of many organic and natural health food stores and restaurants as one of the top matcha brands. Both its color and taste are bright, energetic and green and its origin is Japan, where source farms currently nurture, harvest and market this specialized natural beverage for worldwide use. Both organic and natural varieties of this matcha are grown with ultimate care, safely away from soils with harsh chemical content. No harmful, potentially toxic pesticides or fertilizers are ever used in the growth and production of this healthy beverage made from ground whole green tea leaves.

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Color and Texture

DoMatcha is a glorious bright green, which indicates that the green tea leaves from which it was ground were harvested while still quite young and were dried with care. This matcha brand’s aroma is similar to the lingering fragrance of freshly cut grass in springtime, and it tastes rich and extravagantly creamy with a touch of bittersweet somewhat like dark, unsweetened chocolate or carob. DoMatcha’s texture is velvety and volumetric, making it versatile and pleasing when combined with other ingredients as latte grade or mixed in hot water as a soothing, luxurious cup of pure green tea matcha.

Variety and Quality

Both marketed types of this matcha brand—organic and natural—have high rankings among the currently available popular matcha brands. Whether your choice is top-quality ceremonial organic grade for a superior hot beverage, mid-grade latte to mix in matcha shots and smoothies or basic culinary quality for use in baking, you will never go wrong when buying DoMatcha products. Both the flavor and bright green hues of this matcha are reliably exuberant and full-blown, and the quality of all grades of DoMatcha is consistently high when compared to many other brands.

Placement Among Organic and Non-Organic Brands

As one of the better-known top brand names in commercially sold matcha brands on the market today, DoMatcha has attained and held a high rating for both its organic and non-organic varieties of matcha. Consumers know and respect this brand, appreciating the fact that it is more readily available in stores today than many other matcha brands. DoMatcha’s versatile products include “to go” packets for immediate use or when traveling as well as its super-quality Master’s Blend that sells for $50 per container. This brand understands the importance of variety and convenience when selling to busy modern consumers.

Cost Ranking and Overall Rating

Cost per gram = $1.04

Overall Score

It ranks well in comparison with other leading matcha brands today, with a rating of 5 for color and texture. It also holds rankings of 5 for origin and processing method; 5 for matcha grade; and 4.8 for both organic standing and 4.6 for cost.

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