Encha Organic Matcha Tea Review

Encha Organic Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Encha organic matcha green tea is produced and sold by a startup company is San Francisco with efforts focused on cultivating an all natural and organic beverage market and aesthetic organic products market across the U.S. To do this, the company partners with organic farming communities of Japan that nurture superior grade green tea plants with lush green leaves abundant with fresh, pure nutritional value. The Encha company’s founder and guiding force, Li Gong, is closely aligned with local Japanese organic farmers in the Frisco area to obtain and use only the purest elite quality green tea, making finest grade ceremonial matcha from grinding these organic green tea leaves. Encha organic matcha is carefully processed so as not to include the slightest trace of preservatives, synthetic fertilizer, pesticides or impurities, and this matcha is most definitely non-GMO as one of the top matcha brands. Flavor-enhanced by its three weeks of guaranteed shaded growing time, this tea is rich in color, antioxidants and theanine. The luxurious Encha tea taste is robust, yet totally refined with earthy green body and flavor.

Color and Texture

Encha matcha has a dimensional, blooming texture and its verdant green hues are like the early crocus shoots that sprout from the earth at the first seasonal signs of springtime. When whisked in filtered hot water, the powdered green leaves of this tea form a delicious hot drink that is full-bodied with dense, healthy nutrients, yet light and vibrant to your tongue and taste buds. Its invigorating organic caffeine content matches the high energy of this empowering, smoothly textured and bubbling tea, and somehow drinking this hot, refreshing beverage of eye-catching newborn green transmits energetic impulses of optimism and incorrigible healthfulness throughout your brain and circulatory system.

Variety and Quality

Purest ceremonial Encha matcha is top-tier quality among today’s green teas from powdered leaves of tea plants grown, harvested and sold here in the U.S. The fact that its growers are Japanese farmers with full knowledge and understanding of the true value of finest quality green tea matcha gives this brand a strong edge when compared to other quality matcha brands currently offered on the organic food and beverage products market. Ceremonial matchas must uphold the highest standards of excellence that they always have when used in the high tea ceremonies in Japan, and Encha matcha maintains is high quality ranking proudly and deliciously.

Placement Among Organic and Non-Organic Brands

As a ceremonial organic matcha, Encha ranks well among the leading organic green tea matcha brands. Pure, organic brands always perform higher in the colorful taste and texture categories than non-organic varieties can. The full-form Encha with its robust flavor has a slightly playful quality that is distinctly American and blends well with its dominant traditionally elegant Japanese standards. This matcha has sure footing among the top-rated green tea matchas available to savvy, contemporary, fashionable matcha enthusiasts.

Cost Ranking and Overall Rating

Cost per gram = $0.83

Overall Score

Encha ranks 5 out of 5 across all categories with the exception of variety and quality at 4.7.

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  1. OK – I’m a novice as far as matcha tea goes – so I read up on it and Nacha received several very good reviews – so I tried it. I purchased the ceremonial grade. I read review after review about the refreshing taste. I’ll put the blame on me (maybe I’m not preparing it correctly, or maybe I haven’t acquired the taste) – but I don’t find the flavor pleasant at all – quite the opposite. It is too soon to comment on the health benefits – so I can only comment on the taste. I plan to try some recipes, try it in a fruit shake, to do whatever I can to mask the taste. I haven’t given up – the promised health benefits would outweigh the struggle to drink it – so I still have hope.

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