Eden Matcha Tea Review

Eden Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

This popular stone ground matcha green tea is sourced directed from matcha growers in Japan and finely ground with natural stone grinders to a smooth, silky powder. Hot tea made from organic ceremonial grade Eden matcha has a pure, new-grown grassy edge to its otherwise calm, serene aroma and flavor. A sublime cup of this finest quality matcha is said to improve mental focus, composure, emotional well being and physical health. Free of fat, sodium and any unnatural or impure substances, this ceremonial matcha contains only one half the amount of caffeine that brewed coffee offers. In addition, the caffeine in Eden matcha is organic and healthy, keeping you mentally alert and active without raising your blood pressure or putting stress on your heart and circulatory system. Everything about Eden highest grade matcha is health-promoting and good for you.

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Color and Texture

This matcha has a dynamic, bright spring green color that glows with the look of pure, empowering nutrients and organic energizing agents. The same antioxidants and natural substances that give this matcha such a vibrant glow also add rich textures. These varied textures, when finely ground into this silky smooth powder, bring savory layers of subtle textures to each fulfilling and flavorful cup of hot matcha. When you taste your first cup of this pure, organic beverage, you will understand immediately why matcha connoisseurs prefer to drink this top-tier quality green tea matcha when simply whisked in a cup of hot, filtered mountain spring water rather than mixing it with other organic juices and fruits or soy milk. By itself, Eden matcha attains a place of ultimate excellence among all organic ceremonial grade matchas produced today.

Variety and Quality

From its first use as a medicinal treatment in ancient Chinese herbal medicine, the same type and quality of organic matcha that now is sold as the Eden brand has acquired international usage and praise. From its medical use in China, it went on to become a major traditional ceremonial drink in Japan. The serene, yet expansive flavor of this matcha is due to the purity of the soil used to cultivate it along with the month and day the green tea leaves from which it is made were harvested. The carefully monitored, organic curing process used to process Eden brand matcha also adds luster and elegance to the many subtle facets of its overall taste and body. Although ceremonial grade matcha from Eden is in constant demand in natural products stores and online marketplaces, both culinary and latte grades are also popular for cooking and mixing as matcha shots or tall, refreshing blended drinks.

Placement Among Organic and Non-Organic Brands

As a pure, organic dietary product, Eden matcha rates highly among organic and non-organic matcha brands available today. Especially among youthful and older natural food and beverage advocates around the modern world, quality matters greatly. Shoppers will search diligently for top-quality items rather than settling for lesser quality substitute products and brands. Eden matcha places among the finest organic brands obtainable, and it is growing in popularity every day as new fans discover the superior nuances of its taste, texture and health-enhancing attributes.

Cost Ranking and Overall Rating

Cost per gram = $1.18

Overall Score

A smooth star rating of 5 right across the categories of color and texture; origin and processing method; and organic standing.  Matcha grade/variety however earns a 4.8. In the cost category, Eden wins a 4.4, since it is somewhat costly when compared with other quality matchas.

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