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Teavana Matcha Tea Review

Teavana Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Teavana matcha has origins in the organic tea bush farms of Japan where finest lush green tea leaves are carefully cultivated and harvested. The imperial grade matcha resulting is rich in powerful antioxidants and vital nutrients that enhance tea drinkers’ health while improving mental stability and focus. This pure matcha brand is nurtured, produced and processed for sale without the use of any harsh or unnatural substances. Each tea leaf is hand picked and examined to ensure its robust, full-grown quality in order to produce the highest degree of excellence in the final matcha product to be sold on the current organic health products market. The Teavana brand has gained an international reputation for production of superior handcrafted organic matcha.

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Color and Texture

This very appealing matcha brand has a vibrant, early spring green color and an earthy, enriched flavor. Even in its smooth, finely ground powder form, this green tea matcha exhibits full-blown textures of flavor and body that give it distinct character and acclaim among today’s most popular and frequently bought matcha products. Its bright verdant hues identify Teavana matcha as an outstanding choice among leading modern matcha brands in ceremonial, latte and culinary grades. Subsequently, new users find its generously textured taste and volumetric body to be just as important in determining this brand’s value, continuing consumer appeal and steady saleability. The genuine high quality and growing popularity of Teavana make it a desirable selection among today’s top matcha brands.

Variety and Quality

As an imperial matcha brand, Teavana produces ceremonial green tea matcha of highly rated quality. Its well-supervised organic cultivation and handcrafted processing procedures give this brand a definite edge in overall quality ratings. Some matcha connoisseurs consider this brand to be a more traditional and less innovative matcha than some other leading brand names today. However, Teavana wins praise for its long history of consistently fine quality. This matcha brand is a reliable standby in many established tea houses and health-oriented cafés in the U.S. and globally.

Placement Among Organic and Non-Organic Brands

As a celebrated ceremonial grade organic tea originating in traditional Japanese culture and often used in high tea ceremonies, Teavana has endured to become a major player among popular matchas in today’s natural beverage products marketplace. Although it may lack some of the playful or daring tang, flair and spunky textural allure of more experimental contemporary brands, Teavana prevails as a luxurious, attractive matcha with rich, appealing layers of flavor that are subtly, smoothly combined.

Cost Ranking and Overall Rating

Cost per gram= $0.67.

Overall Score

5’s across the board for this gem!

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