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Dr. Mercola’s Royal Matcha Tea Review

Dr. Mercola’s Royal Matcha Tea Review

Origins and Processing Method

Dr. Mercola’s Royal Matcha is a very fine quality organic brand. Many people assume that any matcha promoted and marketed with the endorsement of a well-respected health guru like Dr. Mercola must be of highest quality, and in this case, the assumption is correct. This matcha blend has its origins in Japan’s organic green tea farms, and it offers users a shimmering, fresh green taste for complete refreshment and rejuvenation. Produced and processed without a trace of any harsh or harmful chemical substances, this matcha brand is free of impurities and abundant with minerals, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients.

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Color and Texture

Royal Matcha from the Dr. Mercola brand is garden-picked green and filled with surprising textures, from crisp to satin smooth. In its pure powdered form, this revitalizing healthy product is at its best when mixed with fine filtered hot water and whisked to subtly bubbling perfection. One of the visual attractions of matcha beverages is the true green color that shines through all degrees of whisking, mixing and experimenting, and Dr. Mercola’s brand stands the color test every time. Drinks produced with this high quality matcha have that irresistible glamour, glow and allure that keep fans of this brand constantly choosing Dr. Mercola as their favorite matcha mastermind.

Variety and Quality

Aside from this hypnotic and super-healthy royal grade, Dr. Mercola’s matcha is also available in both latte and culinary grades. Whether you are serving fine matcha tall drinks to friends or doing some creative cooking for the neighbors or a family gathering, all matcha enthusiasts enjoy matcha beverages and menus of the best possible quality. Of course, for that special friend, spouse, partner or significant other, you want only the best matcha on the market to create that magic moment in food and drink, and Dr. Mercola matcha can do just that, with cunning consistency and class.

Placement Among Organic and Non-Organic Brands

Dr. Mercola’s organic grades of matcha are all among the top contenders in their classifications, and they also rate highly in popularity. Offered on numerous stylish café and restaurant menus, these varieties of the Dr. Mercola brand offer dependable flavor and colorful fashion to brighten up any tabletop or tastebuds.

Cost Ranking and Overall Rating

Cost per gram= $1.67

Overall Score

In terms of rankings compared to other popular matcha brands, Dr. Mercola wins scores of 5 in the areas of origin and processing method. This matcha brand also wins a 4.8 for its Royal grade matcha and for organic standing. In the area of cost, it is awarded a 4.2.

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