The Best Types of Green Teas for Weight Loss

There are those that think that the claimed weight loss benefits from consuming green tea are no more than a marketing gimmick aimed at pushing product at you…Well dear friends, as always, I like to bust out old bio degree and give you some truth, which is: green tea will not make you go from flab to fab overnight, but it is that natural weight loss beverage that that will reduce fat and help you stay fit and healthy.

Don’t believe me? Need some science? I give you the Penn State study of green tea extracts and mice…you heard me, mice.

Penn State’s Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract Study

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Recently, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences conducted studies on the effects of green tea. Researchers at the college found that decaffeinated green tea extract spurred weight loss in mice. The study required the mice to eat a 16-week high fat diet while also ingesting decaffeinated green tea extract. Their cages were equipped with exercise wheels so they had the opportunity to run whenever they wanted. It was noted that the mice that exercised daily had lost 36.6 percent of their abdominal fat. Researchers also noted a 27.1 percent of average body mass reduction as well.

In addition to weight loss, diabetic health had improved as well. The mice showed a 65 percent reduction of the resistance to insulin and their fasting blood glucose was 17 percent lower.

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Green Tea Alone Speeds Up Metabolism

Some of the mice -like us sedentary 9-to-5ers- did not exercise. These mice consumed a high-fat diet while ingesting green tea and still lost weight. They didn’t lose as much as the mice who were more active, however, this does tells us that green tea is a powerful substance that speeds metabolisms. Given the results seen by the Penn State researchers, one can postulate that even if you don’t exercise, you can still lose weight by drinking green tea. If you do exercise, you’ll simply double the effects and lose weight and body fat faster. Imagine the wonders you could do if you lowered your fat intake a little, exercised, and added the green tea! Could be astonishing.

Green Tea Helps Lower the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

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High blood pressure, high glucose levels, and HDL cholesterol raise the risk for metabolic syndrome. That’s the term for a combination of factors that lead to serious diseases like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Green tea when it’s taken for weight loss has extra benefits. It improves your health and lowers your risk factors for metabolic syndrome.

Green Tea Types that Contain Caffeine

Although decaffeinated tea extract was the focus in the Penn State study, many other studies show that both decaffeinated green tea and regular green tea are effective in weight loss. Green tea containing caffeine stimulates the body to use stored energy. Some people prefer to limit their caffeine intake. If you have a jumpy reaction to it, switch to decaffeinated green tea. Whether your preference is caffeine or decaffeinated, you’ll be in a good position to lose weight by drinking green tea.

Flavored Green Tea Types

Flavored green teas contain as much powerful weight loss antioxidant properties as regular green teas. Popular flavored varieties include cranberry green tea, jasmine green tea and others. Always read the ingredients on the package. Avoid teas with artificial sweeteners. These chemicals cause some people to crave sugary foods. This is counterproductive to losing weight. It’s best to avoid flavored green teas with this additive.

Sugar is another added ingredient in flavored teas. High amounts of sugar is what dieters want to stay away from. Too much sugar can lead to weight gain and increase your risk of developing diabetes. Flavored teas are fine as long as there are no artificial sweeteners or sugar added.

Iced Green Tea Types


Cold green tea has the same antioxidant fat burning substances as hot green tea except for one thing: The water in the bottle weakens the tea. This is not the same as preparing a hot cup of tea. When you pour hot, not boiling water over fresh green tea bag, you release its freshest weight loss properties.

When you choose iced green tea, enjoy the taste. Realize, though, that’s it’s not recommended for weight loss because it’s pre-mixed and diluted.

Green Tea Extract Type

Since green tea extract is a concentrated form of the tea, it can be just as potent. It’s a great alternative when you’re traveling. Just add it to water and drink. About 1 milliliter (ml) of extract added to water is the the same as drinking between 8 and 10 cups of tea. As stated earlier, in the Penn State study, mice ingested green tea extract and the results were amazing!

To clarify, green tea extract is not the same as iced green tea. Extra is concentrated, while iced green tea is diluted. There’s no way to know for sure how much green tea is contained in a bottle of iced green tea.

The Quality of Green Tea Matters

Unneeded ingredients compromise the quality of the tea. The labels state if the brand you’re considering is preservative-free and contains all natural ingredients. Select those types in order to foster optimum weight loss.

The Shelf Life of Green Tea

Green tea will last up to six months. You’ll have up until that time to reap the full effects of the antioxidants for weight loss. After six months, the tea won’t spoil. It will, however, become less potent and less effective.

Recommended Green Teas

Numi, Yogi, and Traditional Medicinals are brands that are all natural and void of preservatives. Look for other brands to try too. Be sure to read the labels and along with these tips you’ll discover the green teas that are best for weight loss.

The best kind of green tea for weight loss is one that is all natural with no preservatives, added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The amount of tea leaves is offset by those added ingredients.

Green tea, caffeine or decaffeinated, both work. Caffeine stimulates energy in the body. Decaffeinated tea gets a boost when you exercise. Both tea types have the ability to use stored fat energy in your body.

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There is a weight epidemic in the United States and other developed countries. Green tea may hold the key to long-term weight loss and management for billions of people. Start your green tea regimen today. Combine it with regular exercise to enhance your weight loss journey. Continue to drink green tea on a daily basis. Use it as a tasty beverage staple for long-lasting weight maintenance.

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