Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Better for You?

If you’re looking for a simple way to get healthier, slow the aging process and prevent chronic disease, drinking green tea might be the answer. Known for antioxidant properties, green tea is a boon to young and old health enthusiasts, dieters, and naturalists. Today’s health conscious consumer is opting to forego the morning cup of Joe for a morning, noon and night time cup full of chlorophyll! Continue Reading

Genmaicha vs. Matcha: What You Need to Know

Herbal treatments are gaining popularity by those who want more natural, organic answers to their health and wellness problems. Why trust in man-made, artificial, chemical-filled products, when you can use a more pure herb directly from Mother Nature? Here is what you need to know when comparing two very popular herbal tea products: Genmaicha and Matcha. Continue Reading

8 Matcha Lattes Recipes to Make at Home

 I love making Matcha tea lattes as a part of my morning routine, and I have spent plenty of time playing with ingredients to come up with some delicious variations. The following recipes include some of my weekly staples as well as my favorite recipes that I found from some awesome online kitchens. These lattes are a yummy way of reaping the numerous benefits matcha has to offer, such as being very high in antioxidants, amino acids, and chlorophyll, (which gives it that lovely bright green color). The process of making matcha tea has even become very therapeutic and I encourage you to savor the ritual around this simple task each day.

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The Best Green Tea Frappuccino Recipes

Green Tea Frappucino Recipes

Ever since Starbucks introduced their frappuccino line of drinks in 1995, these beverages have become extremely popular. Made from a blend of base ingredients and ice, usually topped with whipped cream, one of their most popular drinks is the green tea frappuccino. Instead of being based on coffee, green tea frappuccino recipes start with matcha, the traditional Japanese green tea powder, and add harmonious flavors to make for a smooth, delicious drink. Green tea has been shown to have excellent health benefits, and doesn’t have the overly harsh buzz that coffee can sometimes deliver.

But buying these drinks at Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop can be expensive. Below are 5 of our favorite green tea frappucino recipes that you can simply and easily make at home yourself!

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The Best Green Teas for Weight Loss

Although most varieties and grades of natural or organic green teas offer some assistance with weight loss, for the very best results in slimming down and ridding your body of excess fat, I think the best route is following the advice of current natural health experts. All these well-educated and informed people in the know agree that premium ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder is the ultimate nutritional aid for losing weight. Most of these natural health experts have either lost their own extra body weight with use of ceremonial matcha or have helped others slim down to healthier size. For this reason, they can offer accurate, verified advice, saving the rest of us many trial-and-error attempts at experimenting with myriad natural products in our efforts to trade body fat for sleeker, more energetic physiques.

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Make Your Own Energy Drinks! Buy Bulk Green Tea Powder and Start Today

Now that energy drinks are a staple for millions of people, some consumers are looking for a healthier alternative to popular brands that are loaded with artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, or other undesirable ingredients. Thanks to the excellent energy-boosting power of matcha, or powdered green tea, it is now possible for anyone at home to whip up a batch of heart-revving energy drinks. Continue Reading

10 of the Best Matcha Teas to Buy Online

Matcha is a delicious variety of green tea that comes in the form of a fine powder. This powder is whisked directly into hot water, and makes a delicious hot beverage. Matcha is famous not only because of its place in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, but also because of its numerous health benefits, including energy, heart health, lowered cholesterol, that all come from the powerful antioxidants contained within the tea. Matcha is a great option for health-conscious people looking for an energy booster or a hot drink on a cold day.

Matcha not only has a lot of health benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on, but it’s also surprisingly versatile. Matcha has made its way out of the traditional Japanese tea room and into the modern West. Matcha can be drunk hot, iced, sweetened, or unsweetened. It can be added to other beverages; vanilla matcha lattes are a popular choice. You can add matcha powder to all sorts of recipes, from main courses to desserts. Matcha does things that other teas can’t.

Matcha isn’t as well-known as it deserves to be, so if you’re looking for the best matcha tea to buy, you might have trouble finding it in traditional grocery stores. Instead, you can buy high-quality matcha online from reputable tea companies, all from the comfort of your own home. Here’s our selection of the best matcha tea to buy online. Continue Reading